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Under the heading products we would like to pass on to our customers information regarding our various ranges of burners and burner systems. If it is known to which series the burner belongs, this can be selected from the list situated on the left hand side of the screen.


Serie 11.000

Single flame burner

Single flame burner for applying heat within a small specific area. Pre-mix gas-oxygen. A large number of physical burner sizes, heat inputs and focal flame dimensions.


Serie 11.900

Handtorch gas oxygen

Handtorch for localized heating. The burner requires a supply of either natural gas or LPG together with oxygen. Typ


11.952 Handtorch set with 5 burners

Serie 12.000

JM-type burner

Gas/air burner for applying local heat. A range of sizes is available, from 2,3 to 140kW.
The burner is intended for use with natural gas or LPG.


Serie 14.000

Atmospheric single flame burners

Atmospheric gas burner for heating a precise pre-defined area. The primary combustion air is entrained using the Bunsen principle, by the velocity of the gas at the injector outlet.
A number of burner sizes and capacities are available, ranging from 4,1kW to 35kW.

Alle Produkte

Serie 14.200

Bunsen Burners

Bunsen Burners for heating components. Burners using the Bunsen principle, primary air for combustion being entrained by atmospheric injector.
For use on LPG at 1.5 bar.


Serie 14.500

Atmospheric ring burner

A range of jetted ring burners which operate on the ‚Bunsen’ principle. Primary combustion air is drawn into the burner by the gas stream.
The burners have been developed for use with either Natural Gas or LPG at a working pressure from 20 – 50mbar.
The unique angle of the jets ensures a safe cross-lighting whilst ensuring a maximum heat release is obtained within a confined space.
Burner diameters from 100mm to 250mm, heat output up to 64kW.


Serie 15.000

Burners for the pharmaceutical industry

Gas burners for producing pharmaceutical vials, syringes, ampoules, etc. A complete range of sizes is available, for use on gas/air, gas/oxygen or gas/air/oxygen mixtures. 


Serie 16.000



Serie 23.000

Gas-oxygen surface mix burner

Gas/oxygen burner for localized heating. Oxygen and the fuel gas first come into contact on the surface of the burner i.e. outside of the burner body. This construction eliminates the danger of flash back. These burners are intended for use with natural gas, LPG, or hydrogen.


Serie 25.000

Gas-oxygen surface mix burner

Oxygen and the fuel gas first come into contact on the surface of the burner i.e. outside of the burner body. This construction eliminates the danger of flashback. These burners are intended for use with natural gas, LPG, or hydrogen. Water cooled versions are available.


Serie 26.000

Gas-oxygen surface mix burner, drilled type

Burners using the ‘surface – mix’ principle for use on gas and oxygen. Gas and oxygen are first brought into contact with each other after leaving the burner flame port, thus eliminating the danger of ‘flash-back’. The drilled port construction ensures for a robust and durable product. For use with natural gas, LPG or hydrogen.


Serie 30.000

Needle valves

Needle valves are for use on natural gas, LPG, hydrogen or air. As they are free of oil and grease they are especially suitable for use with oxygen. Please note: needle valves are NOT designed for use as ‘Off’ valves. They are for metering only. To turn off a gas supply an authorized ball valve should be installed in the system.  



Serie 40.000


Manifolds are used to provide a gaseous medium to one or more points of use. They are available for fuel gas, air and oxygen. On request, we are also able to supply manifolds suitable for use with our venturi  type mixers (82.000).

Serie 50.100

gas infrared emitter

Radiant gas burners for general heating operations. The burner is supplied with pre-mixed gas/air fuel.  Combustion takes place within the ceramic refractory and provides indirect heat / infrared emission to the component. The burner is designed to work with natural gas or LPG.


Serie 50.400

Gas infrared pot burner

A circular ceramic gas burner for indirect / infra red heating, especially useful where direct flame impingement is not required.
Combustion takes place within the ceramic refractory. A range of diameters and heat inputs are available. The burners are intended for use on either natural gas or LPG.


Serie 60.500

Pot burner

An atmospheric pot burner intended for use on either natural gas or LPG. Primary aeration is induced using the Bunsen principle. High and low gas pressure versions are available.

Serie 61.600

Gas-air ribbon burner, drilled port design

Gas burner often used in the treatment of plastics prior to painting, printing etc. Very robust extruded steel section body incorporating a drilled brass flame strip, flame retention via s/steel gauze. The number and diameter of drilled linear flame ports is optional. The burner can be supplied in almost any length starting from 20mm. The burner may be end feed, centre feed (photo) or side feed. Fixing bracket for an ignition electrode is optional.


Serie 61.700

gas-air ribbon burner

Gas burner for general heating and process operations. Very robust extruded steel body, s/steel crimped ribbon flame strip. Various flame strips relating to performance are available. The burner can be supplied up to almost any length starting at 20mm.


Serie 63.000

fabricated ribbon burner gas/air


Serie 65.000

Linear drilled port burner for gas oxygen

Linear drilled flame port burner, without retention, for use with pre-mixed gas/oxygen. The burner is made from a durable s/steel. Wide range of flame port variations available.



Serie 67.000

Annular burner

Annular burner for use on pre-mixed gas-air or gas/oxygen fuel. For surface treatment of pipes, glass or plastics. Made of stainless steel. Also available in a hinged two piece version. Ignition / flame supervision electrode is optional.



Serie 68.000

Ribbon tube burners

Ribbon tube burners are supplied for use with either pre-mixed gas/air fuel, or with an injector as a self-aspirated unit. They are available in lengths from 100 to 9.000mm and loads between 3.0 to 6.0kw/100mm ‘flame length’ L2. Manufactured out of mild or stainless steel. 


Serie 82.000

Venturi mixers with needle valves

Webber Venturi mixers are specifically designed for the homogenious mixing of two or three gases i.e. natural gas, air and oxygen. Fitted with standard or fine needle valves with the optional needle position indicator. Ideally suited for installation on Webber manifolding.

Mixers are intended for use with natural gas, LPG, hydrogen, air and oxygen. Depending on the available pressure, the maximum burner rates which can be achieved are 0,5 - 30kW (air) and 50kW when using oxygen.


Serie 90.000

Compact system

Fully automatic compact gas/air mixing system with ignition and flame supervision for up to three burners.

Our compact system incorporates all those components in gas/air fully automatic mixing systems which are required to ignite and supervise the safe running of the burner(s). The unit may be employed for use with all gas/air pre-mixed burners up to 25kW. Typical applications include flame treatment berfore printing, laminating or painting of plastic components, de-burring of plastics after a moulding operation or the stress relieving of metal components etc.

A precise and accurate flame adjustment is achieved by the use of venturi mixers fitted with needle valves. Digital counters show the position of the needle valves, thus to ensure an accurate reproduction of a specific setting at a future date. Problems such as insufficient combustion air, low gas pressure, or non-recognition of the flame, are shown up as text in the display. The order to ignite the burner may be given by the system controlling the production line or the robot, this via a potential-free contact. For this eventuality the Compact System is fitted with a Harting multy-pole socket on the left hand side of the cabinet. In ‘Manuel’ mode the burner may be ignited by push button on the front panel. The complete Compact System is built into a Rittal steel cabinet and meets EN-746-2 requirements.

The Compact System requires the following: Electrical supply: 230V, 50Hz, 600VA., Compressed air:  5 bar, oil free., Gas: Natural Gas or LPG (propane) between 20 and 70mbar.


Serie LM

Tank heating systems for water and other liquids

For customers wishing to heat large volumes of water or other liquids quickly and efficiently, Webber offer a unique tank heating system. Based on a design originally developed by British Gas and in co-operation with Lanemark Intenational, this system is based on a serpentine heat exchanger which can be adapted to fit almost any form of tank.

Burner capacities range from 15kW to over 1MW, with Hi-Lo or fully modulating control.


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