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As specialists for Gas Burners our activities encompass a number of varying areas and fields. In order to help our customers with the correct choice of burner, within this menu is to be found a number of examples of applications and the recommended product for these processes.

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Flame treatment of plastic and other components

To increase the surface tension of plastic components in order to facilitate their printing, painting, cashiering or similar, flame treatment is one of the recognised processes. Burner systems for these applications are one of our specilialities, whether stationary, sledge mounted or fitted to a robot, manually controled or fully automated, we can offer a solution. Burner lengths range from a few millimetres to several metres.

An ever increasing part of our business is the supply of complete bespoke Burner Systems. From a simple manually controlled burner unit with flame safety, through completely automated burner systems, to robot systems interfaced with the Production Line controller. On request, our burner systems can be supplied, able to indicate and record the actual volume flow of combustion air and fuel gas, this to enable a sophisticated control of both flame and consumption.

All our Systems are built to meet current local Standards, European Union, North America, the Russian Confederation or Australia, whilst taking into account any local conformity which may be applicable.

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Tank heating systems for water and other liquids

tank heating from 15kW to 6MW...

For customers wishing to heat large volumes of water or other liquids quickly and efficiently, Webber offer a unique tank heating system. Based on a design originally developed by British Gas and in co-operation with Lanemark Intenational, this system is based on a serpentine heat exchanger which can be adapted to fit almost any form of tank.

Burner capacities range from 15kW to over 1MW, with Hi-Lo or fully modulating control.


Fire / flame polishing of glass with gas-oxygen burners

For the surface treatment of glass; within our programme we have a range of burners for use with natural gas, LPG or hydrogen, together with oxygen.

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General heating applications

We are often asked to supply burners for traditional heating applications. For example: the heating up of metal components within a welding process, vulcanising of rubber components or the 'melting' of plastic components prior to a thermal joining procedure.


Burners for catering and domestic appliances

Webber can offer various burners and burner based solutions for catering and domestic appliances. These include a range of high performance stainless steel atmospheric burners which are found in space heating units, baking ovens, flame efect fires, bain marie type appliances, grills and coffee roaster applications. Webber also supply gas manifold systems complete with controls, pilots, cross lighting burners and automatic ignition / safety systems for their burners. In addition to atmospheric burner solutions we also have a range of fully automatic pre-mix burner systems incorporating their own dedicated combustion air source.

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